Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 5: Wrap up

This was a good wrap up day which involved a lot of the reflecting on what we did for the past week. To day we visited United African Organization where we learned a lot more about the African communities that exist in Chicago. African communities, of which I'm apart of, in the Twin Cities is one of the main reasons why I have had a interest in immigration. The organization focused on many different services for African immigrants  such as legal counseling and services for citizenship. One of  the coordinates from Ghana showed videos of  how much the community has grown in the last few decades. We also learned personal stories of many immigrants in the community that has received their services. I liked seeing the multiple perspectives of why they come. It seemed very similar to why my parents come form Nigeria over 30 years ago. We simply created activities for a youth event they were hosting tomorrow. We came up with activities like "The Human Knot" and "Pulse".

Today was relaxing. It was real different compared to yesterday when looked at Latino communities in Chicago. It was kind of weird switching from English and Spanish conversations and reading the texts when we were at the museum of Latino art. It's nice getting a chance to speak in the language I've been learning for years. Today I was just reflecting on myself and what I should do with the information I have learned, this time only in one language. I did not expect to have some many ideas of what to do for the rest of my time in college and for my career. I really enjoyed the things I did on this trip I was able to experience the things I hoped to experience and more. It was nice to end the day with affirmations it made me think about the people I have touched on this trip.  

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